Feb 10, 2009

Purdy PRO-EXTRA Extension Poles 754624

Purdy PRO-EXTRA Extension Pole The Purdy PRO-EXTRA JiffyLoc Extension Pole 754624 is sold as a 2’ – 4’ pole but it’s not.

Length Closed: 24 3/4”
Length Open: 3’ 7” add 3” with the quick-release adapter to be used with the PRO-EXTRA or cageless frames.
Weight: 1lb 6.5oz. Heaviest in its class.

This pole features square aluminum tubing with 6” incremental adjustments enclosed in a fiberglass casing and a firm bulky rubber grip that will rip up your already dry hands. 
JiffylocThe Purdy PRO-EXTRA series extension poles are very rigid and easy to adjust even while rolling without having the roller ever leave the wall! It’s two inches shorter than its competition on legacy frames and a bit heavier.
Purdy Cageless Grip This photo shows the comfort grip on a Purdy Cageless frame. This is the type of grip I would like to see JiffyLoc’d to the extension poles. Having the option to snap a handle on and off like this would make my day. I think a combination between the 6 prong JiffyLoc system and a male plug would make the handle solid.
TIPS: You can modify this pole like I did and punch-out notches anywhere you want one to adjust locking the length. The pole comes standard with 6” inch slots for adjusting. Also you can cut off the black rubber grip and replace it with bike handle bar grips of your choice. Heat the handle bar grip to get it on and use soapy water. The soapy water will evaporate in time. It’s not easy but can be done and worth it in my opinion.

Adding a frame to this pole can easily bring its combined weight to over 2 1/2 lbs. without a loaded roller cover.

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