Jan 22, 2009

Zinsser Oil Based Interior/Exterior Cover-Stain



The growing popularity of Zinsser’s Cover-Stain the past few years really says a lot about its purpose in the world of painting. Many paint contractors swear by it, myself included. Practically eliminating the need for other primers, Cover-Stain turns out is practically a cover-all primer that meets such a vast list of applicable requirements.

The people at Zinsser impress me with their outstanding commitment to the painting trade offering products that simply do what they say they will do and taking a honest approach with their products by rating them E= Excellent (best recommendation), G= Good (may be used on this surface), F= Fair (may work, but not as reliable), NR= Not Recommended. How impressive is that and based on my experience, it’s an accurate rating system. Take a look at Zinsser’s Primer Product Selector for confirming an appropriate product.

Zinsser Cover-Stain saves you time on the job providing excellent coverage, great stain blocking (no need to recoat) and sands easily.

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