Jan 18, 2009

Should I use a primer on bare drywall?

bare drywallThat’s a great question.

Applying a drywall primer or drywall sealer to bare drywall will be the foundation to all subsequent coats of paint.

Altogether we’ve reviewed and tested 15 wall primers (and growing) over bare drywall in comparison to applying a drywall sealer vs. applying straight paint on bare drywall and we’ve come to one conclusion.

Wall primers are not as effective as drywall sealers, in fact, many wall primers have little effectiveness at all. Which wall primer or drywall sealer you choose is entirely up to what the expectations of your wall paint will be.

Using a wall primer can lead to various issues which can possibly be too late to fix or substantially cost you to fix should they initially fail. All of the wall primers we tested responded similar over bare drywall and the joint compound.

I encourage you to spend some time reading up on the various articles here on priming bare drywall. You can review all related articles on priming bare drywall on a single page.

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