Jan 20, 2009

HVLP Non-bleeder to Bleeder Conversion

HVLP_conversion You can improve HVLP atomization spraying heavy materials such as acrylics if you have an HVLP spray gun that supports non-bleeder to bleeder conversion. The spray gun shown is a Maxum I gun, Maxum II also supports conversion. The Maxum II often sold with the CAPspray HVLP units such as the CS9100 4 stage turbine. 

To convert a non-bleeder to bleeder simply remove the air control knob and replace it with the air inlet fitting from the bottom of the handle. Close off the air inlet fitting with the supplied plug. Attach the hose. The bleeder set up is particularly useful for spraying inside refinishing cabinets.

Non-bleeder vs bleeder

Non-bleeder means when you release the trigger of the gun, the air flow stops. If you have a gun with a two-stage trigger, you will first feel air coming from the air cap; trigger further and material will begin to flow.

With a bleeder gun, air flows continuously; the trigger only starts and stops the flow of paint or materials. Air is directly channeled to the air cap bypassing the air valve.

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