Jan 27, 2009

How much does impatience cost?

stopwatch It’s likely we’ve all been a little impatient at times when it comes to painting. You know the saying, ‘it’s like watching paint dry’, but how much does being impatient really cost you? Here are a few common scenarios, maybe you can relate.

1) Paint not drying fast enough so you recoat too soon only to run into unexpected issues.
2) How about – not the right product for the job because you had it in your truck and wanted to use the product up.
3) The paint store is out of the regular product you prefer so you grab something else instead of waiting for the truck to come in or running across town for it.
4) Not straining the paint, you instead decide to pick tiny clumps of paint off the walls for hours as you roll.
5) Not boxing the paint. Perhaps one of the worse things a painter can do. You decide you would rather risk it and paint the entire place only to find your cut went south on you.
6) Making your own decisions instead of running them by the homeowner.
7) Not taking the time to run a shop-vac, instead you simply dust off the trim only to pull dust and dirty from every crack, corner or crevice.
8) The walls look fine, no need to pole sand.

The extra few minutes it takes to perform an extra step can cost you hundreds in the end if you skip it.

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