Jan 19, 2009

Do I roll the walls first or last?

cutting-in last Rolling the walls before you cut-in or trim has advantages in some cases, however, it’s a good rule-of-thumb to always cut-in before you roll.

Consider rolling the walls first when applying a primer coat, first coat of paint or in a situation where you know a certain color will need three coats of paint. Often bare drywall will get rolled first for various advantages outweighing any disadvantages. Looking at the photo, because this room was rolled first over bare drywall – it will allow you to cut-in faster, use less paint and be less fatigued.

The closer you can roll to ceilings, baseboard, trim and moldings – the less width you need to cut-in. This is particularly useful when painting intense deep paint colors with poor coverage. Cutting-in the ceiling line after you roll the walls becomes easier on areas with bare drywall because the rolled portion of the wall allows the brush to glide easier over the drywall mud.

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