Jan 22, 2009

DAP® CrackSHOT® High Performance Spackling Paste


Professional Knife Grade Spackling Paste for easy application and unsurpassed paintability is precisely what I look for when patching drywall. Save time not only with application, it does not require a primer to prevent flashing. The creamy texture of CrackSHOT spreads smoothly, dries hard and sands effortlessly, delivering quality results every time. This professional formula will not shrink and will not 'flash' paint. Can be used Interior/exterior for dents on metal doors and trim, brick, stone, drywall and plaster. Will not crack crumble or flake.

Put it down once and be done with it. You will save time due to easy sanding and often less of a chance for recoating the patch in addition to not having to prime the patch. No more fooling with 2 part fillers for steel door dents either. I like products that simply work and DAP CrackSHOT is one of them.


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