Jan 22, 2009

Color Putty Oil-Based Nail Putty

Oil-Based Color Putty

Color Putty Co. nail putty is available in a wide assortment of inter-mixable colors as well as oil-based and latex versions.

Color Putty is very pliable and resists flake-off and crumbling common with other nail putty or fillers. Color Putty breaks-off in the hole cleanly where other putty requires a certain finesse to ensure a nice flush fill. I never experienced shrinkage when properly filling holes flush.

Color Putty allows you to move quickly over each hole with a 'two press' process. Press once for quick fill and press putty in the hole a second time to ensure full flush fill.

It’s really insane how fast I can fill holes with this putty vs. others I’ve tried. It makes that pain staking tedious task just a bit more enjoyable.

NOTES: Regular kneading of any putty is recommended throughout the filling process. Storing the putty in the jar inside a plastic baggie minimizes the putty from drying out.

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