Jan 19, 2009

Builder does not want to prime the walls

priming drywall Maybe wall primer is not for you. Believe it or not, the majority of builders do not offer primer on new drywall as part of their standard package. The reason for this is cost savings for you and not everyone requires the added level of finish a drywall primer or drywall sealer can provide for some top coats. If they do offer primed walls, be sure to ask how many coats of finish.

It is widely known that many painters on new construction housing will apply one coat of primer and one coat of finish. While combined this is two coats, it is not the best option, it’s simply the least amount of protection for bare drywall.

For the record, there are finish coats of paint that perform better than if you used one coat of primer and one or even two coats of finish.

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“my builder does not want to prime the walls before painting our new construction”

Applying Primer and Wall Paint

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