Jan 29, 2009

Benjamin Moore Aura Eggshell Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura

Benjamin Moore’s Aura is one of the many products currently under review. Subscribe to this blog so you will be notified when Reviews are published on the products you are interested in. We are using the eggshell finish over previously painted smooth drywall.

Our focus is to capture in full perspective the full limitations and capabilities of Aura in eggshell. To determine if justifying paying the additional higher cost for Benjamin Moore Aura is worth it and why and if the finish is worth the money and on which surfaces it’s most beneficial.

UPDATE March 25 2009: I was only able to get one gallon of this product to test. I do not feel ready to give any feedback on Aura at this time. Our local stores do not carry Aura due to the added cost in purchasing the equipment needed to mix it. It’s uncertain at this time when I will have the opportunity to try it again. I typically like to spread about 60-100 gallons before providing a detailed review.

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