Dec 23, 2009

Purdy PRO-EXTRA Quick Release Adaptor

Purdy Quick Release Adaptor

Purdy PRO-EXTRA Quick-Release Adaptor is for use with Pro-Extra cageless roller frames. Works with all Acme threaded extension poles. Works with both 1 3/4” and 1 1/2” diameter models. The two screws you see on the lower right of the package are for snugging up if necessary on the threading of some acme extension poles. $20 retail

Dec 22, 2009

Airless Sprayer Manifold Filter in cold weather

This is what happens when you run paint thinner through a pump that was recently used to shoot latex wall paint. That whole latex and oil thing you always heard about, this is the result. This manifold filter is packed with sludge.

So why would you run paint thinner through the pump? The guy said he uses thinner because it wont freeze sitting in his truck over night in the freezing cold.

What you can do is pull the manifold and gun filter out, clean them in water and leave them out and then run thinner through the hose for over night. You have to take extra time to flush thinner out in the morning to shoot latex again. I don't recommend it.

Dec 12, 2009

Going Beyond ‘Painting 101’

Something new in the works not currently talked about or covered on this blog.

It's hard to believe it's been almost 15 years now that I’ve been posting about painting on the Internet. My intent has traditionally been to share what I know and what works for me. Everything posted here on the Jack Pauhl Blog is what I like to consider [STANDARDS] in our industry. They are the basics of painting, but now I am turning my focus on going beyond the basics and will most likely put the Jack Pauhl Blog  on the back burner and focus on the logistics that drive profitable healthy businesses in this economy. So, I look forward to developing and publishing solutions that make profitable efficient paint contractors based on product knowledge and my own tried and true systems.

Coming Soon - Painting Logistics 
Providing logistics based on case studies and statistical data for operating a painting company efficiently to maximize your ROL (return on labor) using specific paint products, tools and equipment along with solid systems in the right place at the right time.
Jack Pauhl Blog Jack Pauhl Blog
I will be taking all aspects of painting to the extreme looking at such seemingly minor things like (if and when) you should:

1) apply masking tape over outlet hardware 
2) cut-in around the outlet hardware 
3) directly roll around the outlet hardware 
4) which roller covers work best around outlet hardware 
5) time trials including taping outlet hardware vs cutting in outlet hardware vs simply rolling around them with a specific roller cover to put an end to those light spots around the outlet.

No matter what the task, there is an efficient way of doing it and I will show you the differences and where time is wasted.

Also in the LAB: Can a $16 product save you $426 the first two hours you use it? I’ll tell you what it is and how it can save you money in labor and there really isn't a painter that shouldn't have one.

And… how much the wrong masking tape for a specific job can cost you thousands in lost labor. I’ll explain how a $1.80 per roll masking tape (our cost) can cost you thousands to use. Who’s saving? This study is so alarming – you won’t want to miss it.

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Jack Pauhl 
Cleveland, Ohio

Dec 10, 2009

Yellow FROGTAPE Delicate Surface

FROGTAPE Delicate Surface 
FROGTAPE DELICATE SURFACE for freshly painted surfaces with 60 Day clean removal.

I first wrote about how I was impressed with the 6.7mil thick CP-99 masking tape from Shurtape back in March. Here again we have another very impressive product from Shurtape for the absolute best clean lines on freshly painted surfaces. Yep. Its pricy and worth it. I applied the yellow FROGTAPE without problem on sound walls only a couple hours old to achieve a sharp line for an accent wall. It worked beautifully.
FROGTAPE Delicate Surface
FROGTAPE Delicate Surface

If you apply certain wall paints over new bare drywall without a good drywall sealer, this tape has enough adhesion to pull the paint away from the drywall paper or mud. Just so ya know.

Milwaukee M12 Cordless 3/8” Drill/Driver Kit 2410-22

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Drill 
Milwaukee M12 Cordless 3/8” Drill/Driver 12V Kit 2410-22

1) Compact and Lightweight at 7-3/8” length, 2.5 lbs.

2) 2-Speed Metal Gearbox: 0-1,500/0-400 RPM

3) Adjustable Clutch: 20 settings for driving different types of screws in different materials.

4) Powerful Motor: Delivers 250 in/lbs of torque

5) 3/8” Metal Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck: Maximum Durability and Grip

6) On-Board Fuel Gauge: Displays Remaining Run-Time

7) Built-in LED Light: Location is above trigger. Illuminates Work Surface. The trigger is designed to allow a gentle squeeze to turn the LED on without engaging the clutch. Nice.

8) Contains: (2) 12v Lithium-Ion Battery Packs, 30-Minute Charger and durable plastic Carrying Case.

Need a reason to consider buying one?

Todd Englund from Milwaukee Tool shows us the Milwaukee 2410-22 Cordless 3/8" Drill Driver

Dec 9, 2009

3M TA20 Hand-Masker VIDEO on casings

3M TA20 Hand-Masker
3M TA20 Hand-Masker 3M TA20 Hand-Masker
New VIDEO of the 3M TA20 Hand-Masker found at HOME DEPOT applying masking tape on the side of door casings. For now, view it on YouTube. Then read up more on the 3M TA20 Hand-Masker.
3M TA20 Hand-Masker Results
Here is a sample of how clean, sharp and straight the lines are made with a 3M TA20 Hand-Masker. You simply cant do that better with a roll of masking tape.

Dec 7, 2009

ICI DULUX FORTIS 6403 Accent Tint Base

Unlike other ONLINE REVIEW SITES for PAINTS based solely on someone's written experiences, we show you what to expect with photos and videos of the wet paint applied and dry appearance of the paints so you have a better idea of what to expect rather than someone's “word” on it. We apply hundreds of gallons of product across various jobs, surfaces, etc. before we review it – not just a couple of gallons in a lab.

ICI/Glidden FORTIS Exterior 

Where many “so called best paints” fail in coverage, ICI DULUX FORTIS (now called Glidden Professional FORTIS 450 Exterior) excels in easy application and coverage providing enough working time to apply the paint and work it into a nice finish.

Glidden Fortis 450

Here is ICI DULUX FORTIS 6403 Accent Tint Base mixed in a very difficult to cover red color.

I want to start by saying this is nice paint for exterior fiberglass doors. Today I was painting the front door opened into the house with the opening blocked off with plastic because it was snowing.

Fortis gives me more than enough working time to get through a door nicely, but I do panel by panel because I like to spend the time and get each section covered. It takes me about 20-25 minutes to do a solid coat of red on this fiberglass door vs an easy color in 7-8 minutes with a brush.

The other guys at work do these white fiberglass doors in 6 coats with a brush and roller combination. I use only a brush and do them in 3 coats.


Because this is one of those hard to cover reds, a black satin undercoat was used --then 2 top coats of FORTIS mixed in Classic Burgundy. A grey primer can be used BUT this red dries dark and deep, so I like to use black to get to that depth of color quicker because I'm all about getting things done the quickest way possible.

Above you see one coat of FORTIS mixed in Classic Burgundy over a black undercoat. It goes on very bright red.

ICI DULUX FORTISHere is a sample of one dry coat of FORTIS over a black undercoat. FORTIS dries down tight and levels nice and is very easy to apply.

ICI DULUX FORTISIt’s 20 degrees outside and this house closes at 5pm today so I ran a drier over the 1st coat of FORTIS and recoated 30 minutes later.


recom_01 - sm




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Dec 2, 2009

ICI DULUX Exterior Acrylic Satin 2402-BLACK

Unlike other ONLINE REVIEW SITES for PAINTS based solely on someone's written experiences, we show you what to expect with photos and videos of the wet paint applied and dry appearance of the paints so you have a better idea of what to expect rather than someone's “word” on it. We apply hundreds of gallons of product across various jobs, surfaces etc. before we review it – not just a couple gallons in a lab.

ICI DULUX 2402 Exterior


Glidden Professional Fortis 350

ICI Dulux 2402 100% Acrylic Satin Black is nice paint to work with as is 2402-xx. Coverage is great as you can see below on a white smooth fiberglass door. (blue and black colors). In the 2402 line, I am typically able to apply no more than 3 coats on difficult colors, even reds. I suggest on dark reds to use a dark grey or this stock black, then apply two top coats.

The working time is good and dries fairly quick after completion in cooler temps. As with any door, I always suggest a strategic approach as to not rework any area too much.

TIP: Solid coverage is important when applying undercoat colors. For example, if your door is some difficult red, don't think a fast coat of a grey primer is going to save you time. That grey undercoat needs to be SOLID and you are better off doing two coats of grey if you need to. Otherwise you will be recoating the red trying to build solids like the photo below without the undercoat so you can see better.

Take a glance at How to Avoid 4-5 coats of paint.

This red shown is not ICI Dulux 2402 but rather an online TOP RATED PRODUCT that required 6 coats to achieve full solid coverage.

One coat of black over a white fiberglass door.

Here is one coat of ICI Dulux 2402 mixed in a blue over a smooth fiberglass door. This is an easy two coats, so is the black. Fiberglass doors are very hard and smooth and where many other so-called BEST paints fail in coverage, 2401 covers great!

The first coat on most any surface including these white fiberglass doors will pull tight and your brush marks should be gone entirely if you know how to apply paint.

Coming soon: ICI DULUX FORTIS Satin Exterior and Sherwin Williams Exterior Satin SuperPaint with Advanced Resin Technology but how well does it cover and apply?

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Nov 29, 2009

Raimondi Napoleone Swivel Seat

Napoleone Swivel SeatThe Raimondi® Napoleone Swivel Seat features a 5-wheel design to allow free and smooth movement in any direction. Designed with the tile setters in mind - the seat adjusts in height from 10-5/8" to 13-3/4" and easily facilitates well with jobs such as skirting and wall tiling up to 40" high while sitting in comfort.

The height of the seat can allow an approximate reach of 3/4 the way up a door jamb. How I use them is for filling nail holes on baseboard and up casings. I caulk baseboard too from the seat. On new construction jobs this seat can increase your production quite drastically especially on slabs or basement floors. To give you and idea how fast, I fill holes on baseboard with the seat in constant movement.Sit down and increase production at the same time. Why not sit down and tape off baseboard and cut-in your latex off a seat! Lots of uses to keep you off your feet.

3M TA20 Hand-Masker DEMO Videos

3M TA20 Hand-Masker
There are now 2 short video clips of the 3M TA20 Hand-Masker Masking Tape Applicator.

New HANDy Plastic Paint Tray & Liners

HANDy Paint Tray Hey! Look what came my way along with a bunch of other cool products from HANDy I hope to get posted soon but this one got immediate attention. Just what I’ve been looking for.

The NEW HANDy Paint Tray is made of durable plastic and accommodates drop-in and snap-in tray liners but it features much more than that. It even has a magnetic brush holder.

HANDy Paint TrayPROS
Deeper Capacity
Very Stable
Plastic Design
Effective Ramp Design
Easy Pour Design 
Disposable Liners
Heavier Duty Liners
Super Easy Cleanup
HANDy Paint Tray Nice wide stance and sexy curves.
HANDy Paint TrayCONS
I don’t really care for the Easy Grip Handles but not bothered by it too much.

Yes, these handles are nice BUT I feel a flat paddle-like design would be better suited for carrying from room to room to provide better stability of carrying something with paint in it.

HANDy Paint Tray One of the other CONS turned out to be a PROS in a way. As is, the bottom of the pan has these square areas that prevent the pan from gliding easy when you pull the pan with the end of your roller.
HANDy Paint Tray I found some skid pads for furniture to fit in these 2 areas. Now its smooth to pull and glide.
More to come on this pan. I do a side-by-side comparison of how much ramp space you have with 3/4 gallon poured in the HANDy Pan vs. a Metal Deep Well Pan.
And the best reason to use plastic trays… no scratching, no rusting in  customers home.
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50% off is no deal

Being efficient on the job requires attention to detail in many areas easily overlooked.
Take for example this $39.99 drill found on a Thanksgiving Day Specials ad for 50% off regular price.

Is it a bargain or bust?
Its no deal at all. Lets say you have a guy pulling hinges off 20 doors, that's 180 screws and it takes him 1 hour with this drill. Lets assume that same guy pulls screws off with a drill twice as fast. That would mean he can remove hardware in 30 mins.
Take for example a $10 per hour guy pulling hardware off 10 homes each month with this drill. That would take 10 hours right? Now give the same guy a drill twice as fast and instantly he can do the same job in half the time. 5 hours saved @ $10 is $50 and fifty bucks is more than this drill costs on sale. Now that 30 minutes saved can be used to roll 3 bedrooms or paint a front door or tape off a house in 30 mins etc.
There are drills that have a no load RPM speed of 1200 and higher vs this drill at 650.
Milwaukee M12 3/8" For example, this 2.5lb Milwaukee M12 has a No Load Speed of
0-400/0-1,500 RPM

I wouldn't hesitate to spend $110 more for this cordless drill. The money saved in labor will pay for this drill very quickly.
The savings example I mentioned above is for taking the door hardware off. Don't forget, that hardware goes back on too.

3M 2020 Scotch Masking Tape for Production Painting

Production Painting

Are you doing production work at super low pricing and finding it hard to make a buck? Then don't use this masking tape which is “designed” for production painting. Yeah I know. Consider something else from 3M.

I’ve been preaching quality product online for over 10 years now and how important it is to use TOP QUALITY product to achieve maximum production rates.

Number one, this is high adhesion tape. What that means is that it will not pull off the roll fast in comparison to say #2090 or most blue tapes in the medium-tack category.

Number two, this tape is thin and tears and shreds very easily. So, you waste time dickin around just pulling tape off the roll not to mention how much time you’ll waste pulling tape when you are done painting.

Number three, this tape is typically sold wrapped in super thin plastic which sticks very well to the sidewall of the HIGH ADHESION tape. So, you spend and waste time simply getting this tape out of the packaging.

Production Painting
 Production Painting
3M 2020 Scotch Masking Tape for Production Painting

I can go on and on about why not to use 3M 2020 in production with the exception of a few applications like taping masking paper on certain things but guys use it because its cheap but where it really costs you is in your bottom line.

Consider top of the line products if you are doing production work and finding it hard to make money. Product that typically costs you twice the price of cheap product can save you a ton of money in the long run.

I paint new homes and this tape has no place in my work environment. Its like having a broadband internet connection for years then having to use a dial-up modem.

3M TA20 Hand-Masker Tape Applicator

3M TA20 Hand-Masker 3M TA 20 Hand-Masker. If you are looking for a way to reduce the time it takes to apply masking tape on baseboard then the 3M TA20 will do just that.
I was able to lay down 3 rolls of 60 Yd. (180 Ft) in 30 minutes masking off baseboard in a house. That’s a total 540’ of tape!
Features quick-cam style levers for inserting tape but there is nothing quick about changing a roll due to poor design for production use. I like the idea but it needs improvement to truly be effective.
3M TA20 Hand-Masker
The 3M TA20 is designed for right or left-hand application. Both end wheels are beveled with a flat wheel in the middle. The super sharp cutter makes break-offs a snap and can be used for cutting off short pieces.
You may experience some binding or drag applying high adhesion masking tape because that tape does not pull off the roll easy or quick.
3M TA20 Hand-MaskerTIP:  In the photo on the left below the lever you see grooves for your fingers above the wheel. The opposite end most blurred in the right of photo is the guide to glide on the top of baseboard. Keep some pressure there but don't be heavy on it.

Apply your pressure to the area above the wheel & cutter and not the other end.