Dec 12, 2008

Load Balancing

Wooster SuperFab What is Load Balancing?

Years ago I conducted a study on how far various roller covers carry a load of paint. The tests designed to determine how much more distance can I get out of all the 1/2" nap roller covers available to me and find the best one. In addition, I wanted to compare the 1/2" roller covers against 3/4" covers of the same brand to see how much more distance I can get using a 3/4" cover assuming a desired roller texture.

The same study was conducted on brushes.

Load balancing is gauged on the overall capacity of a brush or roller and the amount of paint you load them with for optimum results. Each load (amount of paint) is predetermined before taking the load based on for example where it will be placed on the wall or trim.

Load Balancing is one of the more important aspects with efficient painting. It’s a combination between the right paint brush or roller and the amount of paint in which you load them and how it impacts performance more than anything else.

Load Balancing allows me to paint ridiculously fast because each (next move) or next load of paint is thought out. What this does is eliminates unnecessary brushwork and/or more effective results with each load of paint.

paint can brush_001 In the video where the side of the casing is painted in about 8 seconds, Load Balancing plays a huge role in allowing me to do that. 1) The brush needs to be capable of holding a load of paint to go the distance of 7’. 2) How much paint is needed to travel 7’ and put that amount of paint on the brush.

Look for more on this topic soon along with video demonstrations. For now you can see more on this topic here.

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