Nov 8, 2008

How to Suck Less at Painting #101

HowTO: Freehand Cutting against any single edge source.

cut-in006We are using a 2.5" angular Benjamin Moore paint brush for this demo. Start by loading the paint brush. It helps to pre-wet the brush with water prior to painting, squeeze or kick it out. This will help keep paint from drying on the brush and will assist with cleaning the brush later. Be sure the brush is loaded about 1.5" up the brush as seen in the photo above.
cut-in004Start by applying light pressure on the rim of the can to remove the paint from the right side of the brush but leave about 1/2" to 3/4" of paint as seen in the photo on the left.

The photo taken after the paint was removed on the right side of the brush. Click any photo for larger view.
cut-in001Your paint brush should look like this on the right side and bottom as seen in the next photo below.
cut-in002Paint on right side and a bit on the bottom.
cut-in003Flipping the paint brush over, here is the left side with all paint removed from this side because this is the side (edge) that will cut against your source object such as a casing or a ceiling line that you do not want wall paint on.
cut-in007Do not paint like this with the paint brush flat against the wall. Also pay attention to how to hold the brush in the photo above.
cut-in008Hold the brush like seen in photo and make your first pass above the object. Remember your paint is on the opposite side of the paint brush not the side near the wood.
cut-in009Make your next pass cutting-in closer and tight to the wood. If necessary, wipe the brush lightly on the rim of the can before this final pass. The paint you need is already on the wall, Your second pass only needs to move it closer to the wood. You can see the full video from YouTube below.


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