Nov 7, 2008

Glidden Super Washable Flat

This paint is some kind of freak accident.

IMG_0732a - Copy

The people at ICI Paints must really identify with a need to wash flat paint, because they've invented a product that enables you to wipe virtually anything off the walls you can throw on them.

I first wrote about Glidden EVERMORE Super Washable Flat in August of 2007 and have been using it on a regular basis.

This paint impresses me is many ways. First, its flat and you can wash it. It fit into a need for a flat paint that was more durable than any other flat I've used in the 25+ years of painting. I splashed a deep red mahogany 'penetrating wood stain' on the wall and wiped it off with thinner, this is a flat paint, I should not be able to do that. The walls were new drywall with only 2 coats of this paint on them.

Another very impressive characteristic is how incredibly difficult it was to chip-off dried paint from the roller frames plastic end caps. Normally with a flat paint you can pick-off dried flat wall paint off plastic with your fingernail. I had to use a 5-in-1 and I struggled to remove the dried paint. No joke!

In addition to washing it and its armor-like finish, the paint spreads silky smooth with a brush and rolls like a dream. Simply amazing paint for a $23 price tag. The finish isn't dead flat but has a very low sheen and covers very well. Very nice appearance and a pleasure to spread.


JDMcCann said...

Here is the UK I'm sure this product is called Dulux Diamond Matt. Made by ICI also. In fact Gliddens is pretty much the cheaper version of Dulux. But I digress... from your description the products sound identical. However, have you encountered any problems with the paint pulling off when rolling over the cutting. I know of a few painters here who have experienced the same problem. Our best solution is to allow the cutting in to full dry before rolling. And given the slight gloss in the product "picture framing" can occur.

Jack said...

Thanks for writing. I agree and had a hunch ICI Diamond and Glidden Super Washable Flat were the same if not similar.

I have not experienced any 'pulling off' but I did however notice if you cut above the baseboard and roll fairly quickly afterwards - the area where you stop rolling above the base can run or sag. I think its best to keep the cut to a minimum and let the cut dry near the base before rolling.

It sounds you have a similar issue however the (bare drywall) may be producing some undesired results with the cut.

My experience with this paint is great adhesion to bare drywall. I hope to be able to replicate (the issue with cut) and post back here.

JDMcCann said...

Thanks for the reply.

Well we never get to paint on drywall we always paint onto plastered walls. And this problem doesn't occur every time. We're still scratching our heads as to the cause.
We have a similar problem with the Dulux Kitchen and Bathroom paints. When changing direction with the cutting in even, the same problem can occur.

We have a few new waterbased products (by 2010 VOC legislation starts and dulux have this new nano?????? technology) where we'd traditionally use oil based, Dulux are claiming to be superior but we feel they still have a way to go.

Guess its time to stock up on our oil based paints