Nov 1, 2008

3M Pro-Pad Sanding Sponge

Put down that sandpaper and grab one of these!
3M Pro-PadYou may remember these 3M Pro-Pad Sanding Sponges under a different name, Glit Sanding Pads now with a new name and now made by 3M. When you want flexibility without sacrificing any bite, the 3M flexible Pro-Pads are very effective where other block style pads are not flexible.
IMG_0655The flexibility of the sponge backing help reduce burn-out when sanding hard edges where hard block style pads can burn through the finish quickly and expose bare wood.

More here on sandpaper.

3M Pro-PadThe soft sponge backing is very pliable allowing squeezing into the tightest places. Available in a variety of grit abrasions 60, 80, 100, 150 etc., you can be sure to find the right one for your finish work. Perfect solution for sanding spindles, trim, casing and baseboard and a must for sanding oak trim. When sanding oak trim the sponge helps catches splinters so your fingers don't.

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