Mar 7, 2008

PrepRite ProBlock B51 20 W

I've been spending more time with some Sherwin Williams product lately. I typically do not use their products but I do like to keep my hands on what they're up to. I grabbed a gallon of the Sherwin Williams PrepRite ProBlock Seals & Bonds primer for priming pine Anderson Windows and I was very happy with the results.
My goal here is to apply a tinted primer which was 65% of Sherwin Williams Cloud Nine and top off with two coats of Sherwin Williams Master Hide SemiGloss. The working time and coverage is superior for this application.
The photo looks slightly purple because the primer is tinted. I like when things go well and this project went without a hitch. The primer is thick enough to bridge with but use caulk instead. Pro's don't bridge anything!

I used the new Purdy Clearcut nylon/polyester brush as seen.

recom_01 - sm

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