Mar 7, 2008

PrepRite ProBlock B51 20 W

I've been spending more time with some Sherwin Williams product lately. I typically do not use their products but I do like to keep my hands on what they're up to. I grabbed a gallon of the Sherwin Williams PrepRite ProBlock Seals & Bonds primer for priming pine Anderson Windows and I was very happy with the results.
My goal here is to apply a tinted primer which was 65% of Sherwin Williams Cloud Nine and top off with two coats of Sherwin Williams Master Hide SemiGloss. The working time and coverage is superior for this application.
The photo looks slightly purple because the primer is tinted. I like when things go well and this project went without a hitch. The primer is thick enough to bridge with but use caulk instead. Pro's don't bridge anything!

I used the new Purdy Clearcut nylon/polyester brush as seen.

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Purdy Clearcut - Clear Winner!

Purdy Clearcut

The next best thing to a Purdy ClearCut paint brush is owning a box of them!

Hundreds of paint brushes are available for interior painting, but really only three stand out, Purdy’s Clearcut is one of them. I primarily do interior painting and owning a 3" flat and 2.5" angular brush is all I need to do my job.

Purdy ClearcutPurdy Clearcut is a nylon polyester blend available in a variety of sizes. I never really used any of Purdy’s paint brushes for acrylic paints up until now. The Clearcut loads nicely, stays sharp and releases paint as fast as you are willing to lay it down.
Purdy ClearcutFinding a paint brush that isn't too soft or too firm is like finding a needle in a haystack, the Clearcut is an excellent blend of ‘just right’.

This brush proves that Purdy is seriously committed to providing outstanding tools for our trade. I am impressed with this brush and if you know me, I rarely say I'm impressed.


Model Purdy Clearcut Glide 2.5” - Nylon/Polyester Blend. They are available in a 1½-inch Clearcut Dale, a 2-inch Clearcut Glide, a 2 ½-inch Clearcut Glide, and 3-inch Clearcut Swan, Glide or Sprig styles

Model tested (MSRP): $12.99

Standard Equipment: stainless steel ferrule, angled sash, nylon & polyester blend, fine tapered and tipped.

Handle: Solid lightweight contoured unsealed natural beech wood, currently no handle alternatives, one size fits all for the 2.5”

Street Price: $10 bucks

Usefulness: All paints, exceptional with acrylics and ceramics

Grade: Entry Level Professional

Layout: Flat or angular sash

Size: 2 ½” 63mm

Length out: 2 15/16”

Thickness: 5/8”

Stiffness: Just right. Not too firm, not too soft.

Colors avail: n/a

Dry weight: 3.8 oz.

Load capacity: 1.0 oz.

Loaded weight: 4.8 oz.

Speed: 0 -7’: 12.8 secs waterborne

Error Correction: minimal realignment, slight corrections, fairly consistent accuracy and wet edge, no buckling.

STN clearance: Substrate-to-nose: 12”, Shorty version not yet available but easily achieved with hack saw

Trace Evidence: brushless capable

Accuracy: Sharp 90ยบ +/-25 filaments

WOC: Width of cut - 2 1/8” to a narrow ¼’ wide (tipd)

Lengths cut: casing 560’, baseboard, 820’, ceiling 946’

Total length cut: 2,326’


PROS: This brush excels with acrylics, styrene acrylics, and ceramics of sheen such as eggshell and semi-gloss paints. Stays true and sharp with good bend recovery. The brush is lightweight and fairly thin and allows you to do certain things a bulkier brush might not do as well.

CONS: Single load capacity is not enough to go 7’ nicely. Performance decreases with heavy flat paints. Not recommended for ceiling cuts due to minimal load capacity, instead use a 3” flat Purdy Clearcut

While we feel this is an entry level professional brush, make no mistake, this brush outperforms many professional brushes that have been on the market for years and you should expect anything new to perform better than existing brushes.

“2008 Purdy Clearcut Glide is the Best New Latex/Acrylic Brush we’ve seen in awhile”. – Jack Pauhl Blog March, 2008

This review as well as all or our reviews are provided for you to review the comments and experiences by an independent paint contractor to assist you in what to expect with new or existing products.