Oct 25, 2007

Weight Loss

With all the TV infomercials on weight loss, how is anyone to know for sure if the program will work for them? Come on people, get off the couch, those are all scams… are they not? My proven weight loss system will eliminate the question and produce nothing but results.

Enter Jack’s workout program.

3 simple steps to fitness and weight loss guaranteed! Actually I only guarantee that when I follow the 3 steps, I lose weight.

Step 1 Buy paint (start off with 15 gallons)
Step 2 Buy roller
Step 3 Spread 15 gallons of paint in less than 2 hours and watch the pounds fall off. Do this each day for 1 week, you'll see.

This post is for entertainment purposes only although physical workouts have proven to help losing weight. Consult with a doctor before using any weight loss program and preferrably not an actor dressed up as a doctor.

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