Oct 8, 2007

Painting Spraying Split Spindle System

split rail_001 Here is a helpful painting tip for preparing a split color handrail stair system after installation. The spindles and handrail are usually done on a rack system before installation but in this case the homeowner changed their mind after it was installed. Oh joy!

This stair system will have stained newels, handrail and bottom plate with painted spindles (balusters). Obviously prep time is the biggest factor with this job. We will have approximately 40 hours in this rail when it’s complete. The poplar spindles were primed with Zinsser Odorless Oil Primer using an HVLP. When sanded, the spindles will be as smooth as a babies ass. You can't get that from an acrylic primer on poplar trim.

split rail_002Stained areas masked off. All stained components are completed at this stage.
split rail_003 This photo shows how we will minimize the masking procedure. Using a dime, we traced around the dime and made a cut-out in the piece of tape. Two pieces should be all you need between and under the handrail for the pintop.

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