Oct 7, 2007

Rolling Eggshell Paints

Working with paints with a sheen like eggshell require extra measures vs. rolling flats. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about rolling eggshell paint. Click the photo to view greater detail. The photo was rotated to better reflect the uniform wet finish.

With a flat wall paint, you can roll the wall any way you want and it typically dries flat and all the same. Rolling eggshell requires all of your rolling to go in one direction. I typically roll an area then move back to the starting point and – starting at the ceiling – make one single stroke or pass down to the baseboard, moving down the wall. You need to keep light pressure on the down stroke and repeat this level of pressure as best you can. Step back and look down the wall as you roll that last pass down. It should look consistent and wet.

To better understand what you are looking for start by doing a 6’ wide area of the wall from ceiling to floor and make all passes down. Then move to the middle of that 6’ area and roll one pass upward. Step to the side and look down the wall – you should be able to see the single pass going the opposite direction. This is what you want to avoid for the optimum finish results.

What to use: Use a Wooster Prodooz 3/8” white woven roller cover or similar product - but, if you ask me... except no substitutes, get a prodooz cover. Props to Wooster Brush Company!

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