Oct 11, 2007

Racking Trim

racking trim One of the areas we can save a substantial amount of time is preparing trim prior to installation. Although today we do very few stained houses, in the past every house we did for years had stained trim. Applying stain and a coat of sanding sealer to the trim before installation saved days of work. We are typically able to stain and seal a trim package for a house approximately 2300 sqft. before noon.

Using saw horses and a wool applicator pad, I apply the stain and another person racks it. CAUTION: use this racking system by loading from the TOP and working down. Then unload the rack from the bottom up. See also: Racking 5 1/2" base boards.

Basic Specs:
We used 2x4's 8' in length and cut them to 93" to allow for using these racks in a room with 8' ceilings placed on an angle leaning on the wall. (see photo). Use 3" nails and starting at one end measure your first nail to be 1 1/2" from the edge and space all nails 1 1/2" apart. This spacing allows for your first trim piece to be placed face down on the nails and your second trim piece in the same nail slot face up. This allows you to maximize the racks holding capacity. One rack 93" accommodates 120 pieces of trim, 2 on each nail.


Mike said...

The trim rack is sweet! I am going to stain all the trim in my new house. Where do I find a trim rack, or do I need to build one? If I need to build, can you provide some basic specs? Thanks.

Jack Pauhl said...

Thanks for your comment Mike, I updated the original post with some basic specs.