Oct 11, 2007

Painting & Racking 5 ½" Baseboard

Racking Baseboard Here is a simple yet effective way of racking baseboard of various sizes. Ceramic tile and hardwood flooring is very common in the houses we paint and lots of it. A huge time saver is to get one coat of paint on the baseboard prior to the carpenter installing it.

We set the baseboard on saw horses and shoot them with an airless sprayer then rack them to dry.

The racking system is also used to paint standard 3 ½” base boards. In this scenario, we stand the rack up against the wall. A WORD OF CAUTION when standing this rack against the wall, be sure to load your boards from the top down otherwise loading from the bottom up may cause the rack to fall over into the room. When you are ready to remove the boards, remove them from the bottom up.

See also: Racking Trim

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