Oct 8, 2007

HVLP Sprayer Maintenance

This small article will cover some basics on HVLP sprayer maintenance. I'm bad about cleaning up my HVLP until it's a problem and this unit is overdue. The HVLP sprayer is a huge benefit on the job but if its not cleaned thoroughly after each use, you will most likely run into problems the next time you use it.
I start by removing the check valve assembly and tubing then separate the two pieces and remove the check valve and clean all parts real good. A good sprayer cleaning kit is a must. The kits designed for cleaning sprayer parts will help speed up the process of a full teardown.
This is the check valve removed and covered in paint. When spraying, try to keep the cup in an upward position and you will minimize the amount of paint that gets through to the check valve. If the check valve becomes covered in paint like the photo, the sprayer will not work properly.
Don't forget to clean the fittings both on the gun housing and the cup housing where the tubes attach.
Next I remove the air cap, nozzle and tip assembly and clean all the parts good.
Using a socket wrench I remove the fluid nozzle and clean it.
Obviously this needle is in bad shape. CAUTION: if you have dried paint visible on the needle, try to remove it here before you pull the needle out of the housing. If you were to pull this needle out like you see it in the photo, it will pull the packing out with it and then you will need to repack.
Unscrew the fluid or material flow knob and remove the spring and pull the needle carefully out to clean it.
Here is the needle. The needle should be clean spotless. Once clean, run the needle through your fingers to see if you can feel anything you may have missed.

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