Oct 10, 2007

Cover Keeper

Time is money, unfortunately in this business there is no way around that. This little tip is just one of many things that reduce operating costs but also reduce time, the wasted kind.

Cleaning an 18” roller cover takes time. It’s not financially feasible to pay someone to clean roller covers, so the option is to clean them yourself or toss them. I minimize the number of times I clean them.

In new construction, we first coat on a scheduled day and then we typically will not be back to that house for about a month sometimes less. It’s a waste of my time to clean roller covers when I know they will be needed later for second coat and even touchups after that.

This cover keeper made from PVC will keep roller covers wet until I need them for second coat. I simply put a piece of masking tape on the tube and mark the color and job name. The roller covers will stay in the tubes until the job is closed out and the homeowner’s house closes with the builder.

I used two 18” covers a total of seven times on the house I completed today but started 2 months ago. Think of all the time saved. I would have had to clean those covers 14 times.

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