Oct 9, 2007

Clean-n-Dip Review

Just a short product review on Back to Nature's Clean-n-Dip. I primarily use Clean-n-Dip for cleaning sprayer parts. It has no odor, contains no methylene-cloride, caustic or other harsh chemicals, easily cleans up with water and will not burn the skin.

The product starts to work immediately but works best if you place the parts in a can and let the sprayer parts soak about 15 minutes or so. I use a stiff toothbrush to periodically loosen heavy paint buildup. Clean-n-Dip can be reused.

The product removed oils, sanding sealer and acrylics fairly easy. I had a few stubborn areas that required M.E.K. to soften the fully cured varnish. I recommend this product. Be sure to shake and mix well and stir occasionally while you use it. You can use a paint strainer to removed the crud and pour the cleaner back into a container or coffee can.

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