Oct 24, 2007

How to be faster cutting-in ceilings

Werner TW372-30

Werner TW372-30 Step Ladder

When painting there is no other more time consuming task for me besides cutting in ceiling lines, and we do it twice. This small investment will shave countless hours off your day-to-day grind and you’ll do it with a smile and like it.

The wide step ladder when placed in the corner of a room allows me to reach 7' each way. I comfortably cut-in 8' or 9' ceilings at the rate of 11-14 fpm, that’s damn quick! and a lot less up and down a ladder. When I hop up on this step ladder, I cut-in 7' one direction and 7' the other, about 14' in one minute. On a small room, I move this step ladder 4 times, about 4 minutes or so to cut a small room.

Werner TW372-30 Be sure to check out Werner ladder for other sizes. I keep a 2’ and 3’ step in the truck. The 2’ works great on 8’ – 9’ ceilings.

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