Aug 30, 2007

Wash this flat

Glidden Evermore Super Washable Flat - Here is a styrene acrylic product that dries flat, goes on with ease, covers incredibly well and you can wash it up, but wait! there's more! It's only $20 per gallon vs. some ridiculously priced styrene flats near $40. I really liked this product and it applied nicely. This product is not a thick heavy flat but rather on the thin side when rolling and applying with a brush.

Evermore™ super washable flat latex paint creates an armor-like barrier against common household stains providing the ultimate in stain protection. This highly washable flat finish offers excellent scuff, mar and burnish resistance allowing the surface to keep its original appearance after cleaning. Evermore super washable flat paint, the beauty of a flat finish with the washability of a gloss.

We applied an ICI color from the new color pallet called Candy Stripe. You can see the color on the rim of the can, HOT PINK, one coat coverage.

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