Aug 30, 2007

Paint Industry Manufacturers

As with most every other industry we see products we use day-in and day-out change without notice. Remember how big the Chips Ahoy cookies used to be? What are they now, bite size? Shouldn’t Nabisco call them bite size chocolate chip cookies? Dare I mention the Big Mac? What the hell is that, a kids sandwich? Boy those beef patties on the Wendy’s burgers are sure getting thin too, if they make them any smaller it will look like bacon. The paint industry is no exception to the diminishing product phenomenon; well, a gallon is still a gallon but the quality of product is always changing.

Let me make something clear, less is not more and if you are a manufacturer and you change a product, do us all a favor and call it something else because it is no longer what it used to be if you changed it, right?

Changing formulas in paint product is common and they are so good about not telling you it changed. If you spread hundreds of gallons of a product each year then all of a sudden you get a gallon of paint that changed, you notice it immediately.

More often in my experience, product changes are for the worst. Once you question the rep about a product, they often tell you it was reformulated to increase this or that. Well buddy, it still sucks and maybe even more so than it did before it was changed, oh and by the way, why does it cost more now?

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