May 4, 2007

Patching nail holes

There are multiple options for filling nail holes. I will be using DAP DryDex Spackling & Nail Hole Filler which goes on pink and dries white for this How To. Another great DAP product is called CrackShot. In the past I wrote DAP about possibly making patch filler that dries another color other than white. The problem with it drying white is finding the many patches you made. The dried patch blends so well on pre-primed trim which is very popular in the new home market and remodeling projects.

A temporary work around is adding one small drop of food coloring to a sizable amount of patch. I squeeze out enough filler I know I can work with before it starts drying and add one small drop of coloring. This way the patch will show faintly over the white pre-primed factory primer when dry. The benefit of being able to see the patch is also to help prevent over sanding which can ultimately lead to re-patching if you sand too much off.

I prefer to use a nice flexible 1” and 3” blade. Start by squeezing a small amount of filler over or near the hole or area to be patched then press and motion the blade over the area. The goal on filling nail holes is to press enough filler into the hole that the filler puckers back out leaving a slight crown of filler above the surface. If you fill the hole flush, chances are depending on how deep the hole is, the filler may shrink leaving a slight swell and re-patching may be needed.
I will cover filling nail holes with nail putty in the next few days.

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