Apr 19, 2007

Synthetic Brushes for Oil

synoil01 We all know any decent brush can get the job done but it doesn’t necessarily mean the job will turn out nice. Synthetic SRT (Solid Round Tapered) filament brushes are proving to be more beneficial in the workplace over china bristle with oil-based products. It seems not long ago the majority of our materials spread on jobs were oils, today, we only use a few.

Priming is a key component to determine what the outcome of the job will be. The final outcome of finishing anything will fall back on what’s under the finish coat and how it was prepared. For those of you who like to produce quality finishes you know that means the primer coat better be smooth and we all know that means sanding endlessly until it is.

To minimize our sanding efforts to produce quality finishes in less time we turned to spreading oil-based primers using precision tipped nylon/polyester blend brushes which ultimately will reduce brush marks and improve leveling performance. A quality SRT brush used with a quality primer will save you time on the job.

About the Photo
Oil-based primer applied with a nylon/polyester brush over pre-primed finger jointed wood. The photo was taken immediately after a brush stroke, leveling is easily achieved.

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