Apr 18, 2007

Spraying Balusters Down

Spraying Balusters

Spraying spindles or balusters before installation has advantages on a split stair system — meaning the stairway has both stained and painted parts. There are two ways you can do this.

Spraying Balusters1) Spray the primer and first coat of finish on the spray rack. Take the stained parts to “ready for varnish”. Allow the carpenter to finish installing the stair system and then put the varnish and final coat of paint on after its installed. The photo on the left is common. The carpenter installed the newels, rails and plates while the spindles are being painted on the rack.


2) The second option is to finish all stair parts prior to the carpenter installing them. The downside is filling holes on both stained and painted parts.

The balusters in the photo have a ¾” pin on the bottom so we are able to drill into the 2x4 to stand them up.

The balusters were delivered to the job bare poplar. In order for us to achieve a high-gloss finish, we sprayed them twice with Zinsser Cover-Stain Oil-based primer and sanded each flute individually. Sanding for this project took 22 hours. We finished with ICI Dulux 1407 semi-gloss.

Spraying Balusters

It’s important to measure accurately for each hole before you drill. Take the time to do this and when you spray, set them up turned on an angle. The photo shows them positioned flat edge out, do sharp edge out. Make one pass on an angle going one direction, then coming back the opposite direction with one pass will get two edges at once.

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