Apr 5, 2007

Selecting Roller Covers

If your project involves painting smooth drywall or relatively smooth walls, a ½” nap roller cover is perfect for the job. A 3/8” nap roller will provide a finer finish but holds less paint not quite sufficient for rolling 8’ walls top to bottom with one load.

Other nap thicknesses available are ¾”, 1” and up. Use heavier nap roller covers for heavily textured areas such as concrete poured walls or block walls in basements or textured ceilings.

A quality roller cover will not shed fibers. When you shop for a roller cover, remove it from the plastic bag and hold the edge of the cover with one hand, quickly and lightly using your thumb and index finger of your other hand, run the cover through your fingers. Loose fibers indicate a poor quality cover. Generally, most white woven nap covers are good covers for semi-gloss, eggshell or low sheen paints. White woven covers can be used with flat paints but may add more time and effort rolling.

Recommendations: 9” by ½” shed resistant

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