Apr 18, 2007

Rolling Duration Home

The buzz going around is Sherwin Williams Duration Home is difficult to achieve a uniform appearance and touch up. Here are a few tips for rolling Duration Home. I found that a Wooster Pro doo-z 3/8” cover works best, funny though, Sherwin Williams does not sell them. Initially I had trouble achieving uniform results until I tested the product with various roller covers. Always cut first and roll last. Starting in a corner, work an area comfortable with you and start your next area. I generally work a 3’x how ever tall the wall is, area. After I complete my second 3’x? area, I go back to the first area and roll without reloading, somewhat of back-rolling, but my goal here is to make light passes from the ceiling to the base, always with the last stroke down.

Generally, back-rolling takes place after the paint had more time to dry. In this case, the paint is still very wet, no more than one minute from when I first rolled it.

Touching up Duration can be difficult with some colors but most paints tend to have a few colors that do not touch up well and Duration is no exception. Professional contractors know this and it’s their finesse that gets the job done right. Duration Home suggests thinning with water a little for touchups. I’ve found that if you use the same roller cover that you initially rolled with, your touchups should go well. It’s important to roll the area the same way it was first rolled, last stroke down.

Some guys touchup with a brush and expect it to match and some will roll touchups with a small weenie roller and expect that too work. Touchup the way you rolled it in the first place and you should be fine.

About the photo: The photo shows Duration Home rolled over bare drywall. The color variations are simply the paint drying. We experienced no problems rolling Duration over bare drywall. In fact, I honestly believe based on my tests with wall primers and Duration, which Duration penetrates the paper surface of drywall far better than any wall primer I’ve seen. It sticks! Any paint contractor reading this knows that a 20' wall like shown in the photo is not easy to get a nice uniform sheen on. We experienced no problems whatsoever without primer.

See also: Rolling Eggshell Paints because Duration Matte is NOT FLAT.

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