Apr 7, 2007

Renovating a house

A viewer wrote-
Got a little house I am renovating. New doors and new windows among many other things. I have painted the casing trim around the doors and windows with a semi-gloss paint. What is recommended for the window wood around the panes and the doors? Flat or semi-gloss too?Thanks in advance!

Coming from over 20 years experience of a painting contractor. The best method for new bare wood windows is to use an oil-based primer such as Zinsser Cover-Stain (found at most home stores) and apply the primer in a way that the gap between the wood and the pane of glass is filled with primer. Finish with 100% acrylic semi-gloss.

When the paint is dry, you can remove paint from the glass with a single edge razor, carefully scraping the paint on the glass into the slight gap you filled with primer. The dried paint flakes are best cleaned up with a shop-vac brush attachment. The less paint on the glass, the less effort cleaning up.

By sealing the gap, you provide a seal that will prevent moisture and condensation from absorbing into the wood. Latex and acrylic primers DO NOT provide the level of protection an oil-based primer does.

As for the doors, same rule applies if these are doors on an outside wall that has potential for moisture.

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