Apr 9, 2007

Proven painting advice

Search the web and you find no shortage of advice offering various ways to help you with painting. One site says do this, another site says no, do this. Do you feel confused, maybe frustrated trying web advice with poor results?

Let’s back up a bit, before websites on painting existed, sometime back in 1991, talking about painting, hobbies or your line-of-work was done via IRC (Internet Relay Chat), you were lucky to find 100 users online simultaneously. Painting was not a popular topic back then, it was about how amazing IRC was, the ability to chat with people around the world about all sorts of things.

Later, sometime in 1995 we launched our first website advertising our painting services, a small business card-like advertisement. We mentioned our website to anyone who would listen, but in return we received strange looks – no one heard of the Internet. Around that time no web sites were advertised on TV, only phone numbers.

In 1996, web forums were becoming more popular for the online community, so we joined in. I recall testing an early VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) conversation discussing painting with a guy in Australia.

Now more than 10 years later, the internet is plagued with information on anything including painting. You have painters, decorators, DIY’rs, moms, dads and people who never painted offering advice.

Trust that you will find on this blog proven painting advice. Let me say this, offering my advice often leads to controversy. I am in constant online debates with so called professional painters about my views or methods on all things related to the trade. The only way to get some people to believe what you tell them is by seeing it proven and working flawlessly as debated, so I publish videos to back it up.

Be certain when I offer up advice or suggestions, it is based on experience testing and reviewing product ruling out all the nonsense providing an ultimate solution so you can have a pleasant experience too.

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