Apr 8, 2007

Pan vs. Bucket Rolling

The debate is on! Some people, even self proclaimed professionals, suggest rolling out of a bucket is the best method for seemingly endless reasons in comparison to rolling out of a traditional paint pan.

Some of the suggested benefits of bucket rolling are:

Easy to move bucket without spilling
Buckets hold more paint
Less likely to step in a bucket
Quicker and easier to load a roller cover

There are about 20 more reasons I know of but one reason keeps me away from bucket rolling. Bucket rolling is downright messy, period! It’s messy while you work, it’s messy on the wall, its messy on the screen, it’s plain messy.

One inherent issue when rolling out of a bucket is the art of skillfully dunking the cover downward without getting any paint on the end-caps and roller frame. When you dunk the cover too far, (past the thickness) of the nap, the paint will always sling drips on the wall and even you. The drips are not always easily detected until the paint is dry. The fast drying paint on the screen is another issue. So for that simple reason, I remain a pan man.

Also rolling 16’ ceilings with a 16’ pole is easier to load the roller cover from a pan across the room vs trying to dunk a 16’ pole downward into a bucket. How silly is that?

1 comment:

Brian said...

Pans all the way. I never step in the pan because it goes on the lid to the large tupper ware container that I move my drops in. Instant impermeable paint shield in the place where most drips occur and if you shuffle instead of step (like you're supposed to) you will feel the lid before you step in the pan.