Apr 29, 2007

Loading a paint brush

This article covers how to load a brush. Use a cutting can with approximately 2” of paint in the can. Start by somewhat forcefully dunking the brush quickly into the paint several times making jabs until the brush becomes loaded with paint. It is not necessary to touch bottom, if fact, try not to.
Your brush should now look like this on both sides and the bristles should look packed with paint.
If you hold the brush with your right hand, use the rim of the can and gently remove the paint from the side visible to you, do not remove paint from the bottom of the brush. The paint on the bottom is what will be placed on the wall or trim and the side you wiped off will be used to cut cleanly against an object such as a door casing.
I am right handed. This photo shows the remaining paint on the opposite side of the object you are cutting next to. The other side is the side you previously wiped off and will be placed on a wall to cut against an object such as a door casing.
This is the other side. The amount shown on this side of the brush is good for cutting cleanly against objects without tape. The paint on the other side (previous) photo helps the brush glide and also can be used to cut further when this side runs dry.

When I paint I carefully place paint on the bristles based on what I am doing at the time. If I were cutting the corner of the wall, my brush will be loaded on both sides to get into the corner of the wall similar to photo #2. If I am cutting a ceiling line, my brush will be loaded like (photo #3) on both sides. When painting items such as trim, the brush is loaded more like photo #3. If I need to cut tight into an area, the brush might look more like photo #1 with very little paint to cut something sharp.

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