Apr 18, 2007

Light Stain on Poplar

Poplar is perhaps one of the most difficult woods to stain evenly with a consistent appearance. In the photo, our job was to stain the poplar to match maple cabinets with a light color stain. For this project we used an oil-based paint that closely matched the cabinet color.

We then thinned the paint to make a penetrating stain and applied it with a brush without wiping. This process will eliminate any green or purple colors in the natural wood from coming through.

For our next coat, we applied sanding sealer toned with the actual stain that matched the cabinets. The toner coat allowed us to achieve an accurate match. Our next step is to apply a second coat of sanding sealer without tint. We sanded and finished with a semi-gloss varnish.
This process works well on oak too.

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