Apr 21, 2007

ICI 1410 on Green Board

Seeing is believing, that’s what I like. I only wish when I set out to try new products there was a place to go to see the product in use on real jobs so I can have some sort of confidence in buying products.

The advice and comments from the paint stores only goes so far. How many times have you heard a rep say “the guys love it, we sell tons of it”, then you try the product with disappointment or greater expectations.

About the Photos
Straight forward, this is one coat of ICI Dulux 1410 low-sheen eggshell directly applied to bare drywall with an 18” rig to reflect coverage on standard gray drywall and green board. This product is the only one I know of using light off-whites (mixed to Benjamin Moore Linen White) that will actually cover up the green board nicely in one coat without back rolling. I left the photos fairly large for a better view, click to enlarge.

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