Apr 19, 2007

Roller Frame End Cap Trick

This little trick comes in handy for rolling a ceiling. A nicely rounded button glued on the end cap of the roller frame allows you to roll tight to the wall with minimal cutting required.

The button should get you close enough so all you need to do is cut maybe ¼” to ½” along the ceiling edge and four corners with your ceiling paint.
Rolling out of a bucket may be too messy for this trick if the end cap becomes covered in paint. Silly but effective when timing is everything. You will be on to rolling walls in less time. This trick is very beneficial on popcorn ceilings, try it out, with some practice you can roll without using a brush at all except for corners obviously.

Be sure to give the end cap a light scuff so the glue sticks. Also, this mod was never tested with any nap heavier than 1/2".

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