Apr 29, 2007

How to hold a paint brush was never this good

purdy brush mod Take more control of your paint brush by providing better comfort holding the brush.

This simple modification to the brush handle will better assist with cutting accuracy by placing your thumb more securely on the handle instead of pivoting on the edge. The placement of my thumb rarely moves when I cut casings and trim so this is where I decided to make the thumb support. The only time I reposition my thumb is in some situations on a ceiling line. I use my thumb and pinky to steer a brush. Pressing my thumb down or inward steers left and pressing my pinky steers it back to the right.

Use a rounded wood file and sandpaper wrapped around a piece of 1 ¼” PVC to smooth it up. I found that I control the paint brush using my thumb and pinky finger with a faint rocking motion to make straight accurate cuts.

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