Apr 7, 2007

Brush Hype!

What’s with all the hype about using quality brushes lately? Did the message finally get through? For many years I pushed and pushed the importance of a quality brush while others said it's the paint that produces professional finishes. I posted videos, reviews, wrote brush manufacturers, I dedicated so much to this topic in the past 10 years, and it’s nice to finally see HYPE about it. But wait, how does the average person know a good brush when they see one?

As a professional painter the brush becomes an extension of your hand and your mind. A quality brush allows you to DO what you envision in your mind. If you envision I want paint to go into this small corner without getting paint on the trim, a quality brush will allow you to do just that! You would be surprised what a great painter or DIY’r you can be with the proper brush. If you asked me, what is the most important tool in my arsenal; it’s the brush.
Benjamin Moore 653-30 Specifically, the Benjamin Moore 651-25 Nylon/Polyester blend 2 ½” angular sash brush. It’s a mouthful to say, but a world of promise, precision, capacity and capability.

It's hard to believe looking at the photo on the left, the Benjamin Moore 653-30 brush when loaded with paint can be as sharp as a blade. The design is simply amazing.

Would you send just anyone out to run an important task for you? Probably not, so why use a brush that is not fully up to the challenge you feel like unleashing on it?

When you shop for a brush to cut-in trim you want to take the brush out of the paper form and touch and feel the brush filaments. Does the brush feel like and look like the dust brush you use with your dust pan? Are the brush bristles or filaments coarse, bent, wavy, too firm, too soft, not sharp enough or not tapered? Imagine what the plan is to do with the brush and carefully inspect the brush to the point where you feel you can perform great things with that brush.

To save you the hassle of selection, the Benjamin Moore brush mentioned is a true performer. It’s one brush of more than 75 of the most popular brushes we tested to date with capabilities others lack. Google the brush if you are unable to find it locally, order it if you have to.

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