Mar 1, 2014

How to paint a room in 6 minutes

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Sep 25, 2013

The Rolling Edition Painthacker Magazine | October 2013

The Rolling Edition VOL1 NO1

VOL 1 NO 1

The Rolling Edition | Painthacker Magazine


Big Rollin’ 8 Easy Tips
100 ft² per/min That’s How We Roll
Bucket Rolling vs. Pan Rolling
The Afterlife of a Nine
Roll like a Boss!
9-inch Rolling in Perspective
The 9 Merits of Pan Rolling
Is Nothing the New Something?
Drywall Primers: Do They Work?
Job Site Variables
Efficiency Lesson No. 15
And More!


Jan 16, 2013

Sherwin Williams Solo - Hand Brushed Finishes Guide

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The biggest thing to happen to Jack since Jack


Sherwin Williams Solo A76 W 51
Create Highly Reflective Finishes

Learn how to paint beautiful hand brushed finishes in a our step by step painting guide.


Sep 13, 2010


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Apr 1, 2010


jack pauhl

Get Your HANDS-ON with the Graco ProShot Cordless Airless Sprayer. We have one and we’ll give you the low-down and answer your questions.

We have many great things for April.






[COMING IN MAY] The Anatomy of a Cut

  • To truly master your cuts, you’ll want to maximize your capabilities. The Anatomy Of A Cut: performed with the Wooster Silver Tip brush, we get up close and personal about cutting-in.

Mar 24, 2010

Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer-Sealer Over Nicotine

binprimer_thumb[3]If you are looking for a solution to block out nicotine stained ceilings then look no further than BIN.

Zinsser BIN Shellac-Base Primer Sealer is a staple in the painting industry. With a wide variety of uses, BIN is considered the ultimate stain blocking solution - from sealing and blocking out pet odors to blocking knots and tree sap streaking. BIN can typically be recoated in 45 minutes.

Despite the 45 minute recoat time, I strongly suggest a minimum 4 hours before recoating with a ceiling paint, next day would be your best fail-safe option. If you recoat too soon (despite the 45 recoat time), you are likely to get nicotine bleeding through your ceiling paint. Then you will have other issues to deal with besides lost profits. BIN has a strong odor when rolling large areas like a ceiling. It stinks but it works great.

The ceiling photo below was intentionally rolled in an unfavorable way for the purpose of the photo.

See the How To Paint Ceilings – Stepping Method for best results when rolling a ceiling.

Mar 23, 2010

Airless Sprayer Gun Maintenance

graco airless spray gun filterWhat happens if the airless sprayer gun filter is not cleaned? Well, one of two things can happen

  1. the spray gun filter compresses
  2. the spray gun filter splits open allowing plenty of junk through

Stay tuned: Airless Sprayer Manifold filters next